Giro Register vs Foray 

Bike helmet is necessary if you are riding on a long distance or riding to race because these activities will have a higher risk of accident and for those who are riding exclusively on the road, Giro Register Vs Foray will be two of the most ideal options to choose. They are very safe and comfortable for many users but are also slightly different so before paying for one, go check what they can offer and which one of them will be the best option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How Helmet Provide Better Safety
  • What are Giro Register and Foray
  • What Giro Register and Foray Look Like
  • How are the Safety of Giro Register and Foray
  • How are the Fitting System on Giro Register and Foray
  • What else Giro Register and Foray can offer
  • Giro Register Vs Foray

Helmet and Safety

Your health is the most important point to consider when we are doing daily activities because in some cases we never know what will happen in the scenario and just to be safe, safety gears are required in almost any uncontrolled environment. Doing different dangerous activities are often required to wear some protective gear but the most common one we have for different applications is helmet. Depending on the environment and activity, the ideal helmets will be different as well, for example motorbike riders and cyclists.

Both of them are equally moving at a faster pace compared to regular walking and due to this, the impact in case there is crashing or accident will be more damaging as well. In many countries motorist and cyclists are required by law to wear a helmet or they will get fined. However, if you are pedaling slowly and spend a relatively short amount of time everyday, a helmet may be not a very crucial item to have but, if you are dealing with faster pace, it is always better to wear one.

The idea of wearing a helmet is actually to prevent unwanted things from happening to our brain because it is prone to injury by impact or by exceptionally violent rotation of the head. When the brain remains stationary, it gives blood vessels and nerves a yank in certain situations so they will yank parts of the brain too in different ways, straining the vessels and nerves in the process. Helmets are designed to prevent more damage in such cases because it puts covers on our head.

In general helmets are designed the same with a sturdy outer shell which can vary depending on the manufacturer such as fiberglass, lightweight carbon fiber or hard plastics. This outer layer is meant to spread the force of an impact over a broader area in which it can prevent your skull from getting fractured from the accident or contact with solid object. On the inside, there is soft foam, far thicker than the outer shell to provide further protecting function.

Thicker foam is better because it will give your head more room and more time to stop, for example if the foam is 15 mm thick then it will stop you half of the distance of a 30 mm thick foam. This foam is very important to reduce the impact and some models even have technology like energy-absorbing plastics which normally soft but automatically hardens in an impact. The foam inside will mostly dented after an impact and it is not reusable so if you had an accident with the helmet, it is always recommended to buy a new one.

Giro RegisterGiro Foray
Product Dimensions14 x 10 x 8 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.5 pounds2.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Register and Foray

For those who are riding their bike in a long distance or racing and other sport type of applications, a helmet is a must because different from a general commuter, the risk will be higher in these types of activities. Depending on the application as well, the most ideal helmet can be different mostly between road and mountain cycling because both have different levels of risks. Overall you will get much more protection with MTB helmets but more comfortable with road bike helmets.

To shop quickly, besides deciding a certain range of budget, it is faster to choose from a single brand so then we can eliminate the huge options at once especially if you have already used one of their products in the past and know the quality. Among those many bike helmet brands, Giro is one of the most popular manufacturers to choose from because they are always known to offer good quality helmets and at relatively affordable prices.

They do have lots of options made for different users and applications but most of them are performing great depending on your personal taste and if you are riding on the road, the most ideal choices they have are Giro Register and Foray. Both of them are designed for road riders whether you are more into long-distance riding or just commuting but the one that set them apart the most in our opinion is the additional feature on the former model.

These two are focusing on the same concern which is prominent in a road helmet and it is the comfort because they are built to snug perfectly on your head and also featured with plenty of vents to make sure warm head is not going to be an issue here. Overall if you are looking for a helmet that can be comfortably worn for a pretty long ride, Giro Register and Foray will be a great choice to consider, in addition, they are very easy to put on and off as well.

Giro Register and Foray Design

Putting these helmets side by side as you can see they are pretty much similar to each other with the same streamlined and slim design but it is easy as well to set the apart because the former has this small visor at the front which makes it more ideal if you are riding for longer and worried about the sun ray might disturb your vision. There are plenty of vents all over the helmets’ build so we guess that these two will be very cooling when used. 

The color options range from subtle black, white or grey to bright neon green and yellow which makes them great to let you get noticed by other road users even from afar. Weight comparison, this is probably affecting how the helmets will feel once being worn because in this side Foray is quite much lighter than Register probably because of the main built and its additional visor.

Giro Register and Foray Safety

The first thing you may want to know about a helmet is their safety and on this side both of them are identical to each other. Giro Register and Foray outer construction are made with in-mold construction which is fusing a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the unit’s impact absorbing foam liner. This process is claimed to allow for better ventilation system and also make the whole unit lighter in comparison to many models using the traditional system. In addition, depending on the model you will also get MIPS.

This is a common additional safety feature in a bike helmet and if you have some POC helmets, their company has similar technology called SPIN which you can get from certain models like POC Omne that you can check on POC Octal Vs Omne. It is a short of Multi-directional Impact Protection System; a leading slip-plane technology to reduce rotational forces that may cause certain impacts. This means there will be a layer, rotating inside the helmet meant to slow or reduce the strains by rotational acceleration and minimize the chance of brain injury.

Giro Register and Foray Fitting System

The next point we want to talk about is their fitting system and for those who have been using Giro helmet before, you will probably see the same fitting system here because both of Giro Register and Foray are featured with the same Roc Loc 5 which is one of the most convenient fitting mechanism available out there. What’s different is that Register has the sport version so the design is slightly different yet, the mechanism stays the same and you can use one hand to adjust the snug comfortably.

They also come with the same regular chin strap which is locked using the standard Y-chin strap. They provide enough room for your ears and are very secured as well but when compared to those with magnetic lock, they are a bit less convenient.

Giro Register and Foray Feature

The last point that may affect your decision when choosing between Giro Register and Foray is their feature and starting from the vent, the former has a total of 22 windows all over the helmet to provide a cooling effect compared to 21 vents in Foray. Additionally, Register also has this small visor at the front which is useful to prevent sun rays from directly hitting your eyes but if not wanted, this visor is actually removable.

Giro Register vs Foray 

Giro Register and Foray are a great road helmet because not only they are safe and solid but also because they are very comfortable. In comparison, Register is a bit heavier than Foray but it also has more vents to cool your head and in addition offer a simple visor at the top. Depending on the model, you can get the one with MIPS as well for higher protection and safety.

- Synthetic
- 21 vents
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Coolmax padding
- Streamlined design


All in all you can pick any of these helmets because besides the visor, they are very similar to each other yet, for those who plan to remove it, we do recommend getting Foray because it is lighter and already comfortable.


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