Giro Register vs Fixture

Giro provides a modern style look to Register and Fixture kind of trail helmet. Both of them have a low budget for the trail helmet. If you are trying to find a helmet trail in a low budget now, so Giro is the perfect solution for you. Let’s take a look at which ones are the best trail helmet of them.

Giro Register

The Giro Register created an in-mold construction synthetic polycarbonate outer shell. It has a safety fuse with absorbing foam liner which influences the helmet. The design is a very contemporary look that will make the rider have a smart look when wearing the Register. Read also: Giro Register vs Foray 

The ranges of color by the Register has a variant color such as blue, yellow, black, titanium, red, matte blue, and matte white. They have a very colorful look at the trail helmet that gives the rider a lighter and cooler look when wearing the helmet. With so many differences color makes the rider can choose their favorite color. 

The Register has a one size fit that claims as to the universal fit sizing. The Register can fit anyone that tries the helmet for the first time. This universal size has two kinds of sizes. The first called the Universal Adult with the size is between 51cm – 61cm, and the second called Universal X-Large with a size between 58 cm – 65cm. It has the Rol loc fit system that very easy to use by clicking on it. The adjustment will give the helmet more comfortable to wear.

Giro provides an integrated MIPS for the Register as a safety standard just like all the Giro helmets. The purpose of Giro made this system is to supply the full safeguard to the rider. The MIPS system can reduce as much as the energy from rotating strikes. This system is convincing can reduce any damages that may bump the brain.

Giro RegisterGiro Fixture
Product Dimensions14 x 10 x 8 inches14 x 9 x 7 inches
Shipping Weight2 pounds1.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The Giro Register provides a removable visor with a simple modification to replace anywhere the rider wants. It is very easy to install when the rider tries to remove it. The price for the Register also at a low rate of about $59 at Amazon. These cheap rates make the rider happy to bring it home quickly.

The Giro Register comes with five pads which are very easy to install. All of them are replaceable pads once the old ones are crumple. If you do not get the pads you should buy separately from Giro. Some types of Register have not included pads when buying the helmet. And the strap is adjustable to fit the head and the chin. Very easy to wear, but for some Register, the chin strap sometimes slacks over time. That is why the rider has to tighten the strap frequently.

Giro Fixture

The Giro Fixture is well constructed for trail helmet in-mold polycarbonate construction shell substance. The Fixture is a famed choice with a lightweight design. It also has an EPS foam and MIPS liner with a contemporary silhouette and glossy colors. It makes a beautiful design on the helmet.

The fixture has various ranges of the price it starts from about $64 in Amazon. At this low rate, Fixtures can be one of the most favorite helmets. It has various type of colors such as black, red, blue, green and matte grey. The weight is about 343 grams, a bit over the average for trail helmet.

The fixture has a universal dimension that claims the size between 54cm – 61cm. With the Roc loc fit system on the back will help the riders to fix the size with several clicks on it. The adjustment click will make the Fixture easier to use.

The Giro Fixture has MIPS system protection as standard protection. MIPS technology helps the rider from impact when a crash happens. The Fixture’s MIPS includes liner inside for additional safety. The lining pad is comfortable to wear. It fits the helmet for full protection to the rider.

The Giro Fixture has 18 vent holes, it makes the airflow well placed in the helmet. It will help the head keep fresh from the sweat while riding. That means the rider will focus on the trail without bothering the sweat in their head. It makes easier to use this helmet.

The suitable strap around the Fixture is very easy to use. The strap is one of the most prominent things the helmet should have. It usually gives the struggle for the rider to fit the strap. Sometimes the rider can be upset about the strap that does not fit well. But, with the Fixture, the issues can be solved easily. 

The Fixture also has a visor that stays in a fixed position. It dwells for the best place and in the right position of the helmet. While the rider does the climbing trail or when they are in the fall down the track the visor does not bother with them. They still feel comfortable while riding the bike on the mountain of the trail. 

Giro Register vs Fixture

- FEATURES - EPS impact foam, MIPS liner
- CONSTRUCTION - In-Mold Polycarbonate
- FIT SYSTEM - Roc Loc Sport
- VENTILATION - 22 Vents
- Construction: In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Fit System: Roc Loc Sport
- 18 Vents
- Removable visor

Which ones do you prefer?

Both of the Register or the Fixture has a specific safeguard and low budget helmet. But when we get a look a little closer to them, the Fixture is more give full protection. The design of the Fixture can protect the temple and forehead while the Register can’t do that. 

The Fixture has a better strap than the Register. The Fixture strap can easily manage to fit the head and the chin, but the Register feels difficult to do that. The strap of the Register has to tighten regularly to prevent loosening.

Although the Register has a better size particularly for the big size, it has a lack of safety matter without temple and forehead protection. The Fixture has perfect safeguards through the temple and the forehead and also inside the skull including the brain. 

The visor from the Fixture has an unremovable visor in the right position. It will never fall or loosen, so it is perfect for the position. It bolts perfectly fit in the helmet, which helps the rider while riding the trail to keep it stable on the head.


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