Giro Indicator vs Revel

Recreational cyclists actually have a higher risk of accident than commuters because we are doing this mostly for fun and this way we do try various risky decisions thus, safety gear mostly helmet is necessary on the application. For those who ride off-road, Giro Indicator Vs Revel will be a nice choice to consider since they are made for the activity but, if you are confused about which to get, go check what they can offer below and get the one that fits your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Mountain Bike Helmet to Purchase
  • What are Giro Indicator and Revel
  • What Giro Indicator and Revel Look Like
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  • Are Giro Indicator and Revel Comfortable
  • Giro Indicator Vs Revel

Mountain Bike Helmet

Safety gear is sometimes being taken lightly because they are not capable of eliminating the chance of injury and there is actually none that can 100% reduce the chance of getting involved in something unpleasant because no matter how low it is, there is always a chance for accident to happen based on factors that we can’t control. However, humans develop lots of gears to help protect our body when doing extreme activities including when riding the bike for recreational purposes.

Bicycles are not as dangerous as motorbike because they can only go as fast which result in lower impact but still, there is a high risk of this activity when done in an uncontrolled environment especially off-road. When it is about a bike helmet, the key is choosing one which is designed for the application and different riding application will also need different helmets despite some activities can be lumped into one so it is best to get the one which is matching with whatever discipline you are doing.

For mountain bike applications, there are various helmets we can choose for the activity as long as they are not the entry, commuting one. Cross country helmets are sometimes being used for mountain application as well because they already come with added protection on the side and back of the unit such as Giro Savant Vs Atmos II but the goal here is comfort for this type of helmet is prominently vented to allow better air flow as well as being lightweight.

The next helmet for mountain bikes is trail helmet and we personally like this type better because it is the best from both worlds of on and off-road without scarifying much on either side. It has much more protection compared to a road helmet, better than cross road type, and more robust for extreme riding. They are naturally heavier however, and not as generously vented so there may be some issue with build up heat for long riding yet, depending on the model they can be comfortable too.

If you are a downhill racer, enduro rider, or free rider, the best option will be a full-face helmet often called an enduro helmet as well. This type of helmet is all about protection which is why they can be pretty uncomfortable and cause fatigue if worn for too long. They are heavy and as you can guess, have a similar form as a motorbike helmet with a chin/mouth protector. They are huge in comparison to other helmets and come with a visor as well as made to be ideally work with goggles.

Giro Indicator Giro Revel
Product Dimensions15 x 10 x 8 inches14 x 11 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight1.5 pounds1.6 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Indicator and Revel

At the end we are the only one who know what type of application the helmet will be involved in and choosing the best model is all about personal preference. If you don’t have much time to check the options one by one, it is best to go for what other similar users are aiming because chances they will match yours as well and in addition, since bike helmets prices can vary greatly, it is convenient to set the budget first.

Among those many good brands to shop from, if you are looking for those that won’t drain the wallet, Giro will be one of the best choices to consider. This American brand is often the first choice when it comes to bike helmet because not only they carrying various models from children to adult models, with a huge variants to compare, their price range is very competitive against similar options in the market such as Kask and POC which makes it the choice of many cyclist from casual to enthusiast.

For those who are riding off-road and need a helmet to protect their head from possible accidents, Giro Indicator and Revel will be a great choice to consider since both of them are made for the application. These models are also very affordable compared to other popular choices and performance wise, many of us are satisfied with how these two gave an experience to riders. They do well in both road and off-road applications with a good level of comfort and overall easy fitting system.

Similar to most bike helmets, the prominent thing that separates Giro Indicator and Revel from each other is mostly the design itself because in general what you can find on most affordable models are the same whether it is the build quality or the type of features. In this side, you may choose based on how the helmet will look on application but in our opinion, these two are offering all the basic factors from road and mountain bike helmets without the high price.

Giro Indicator and Revel Design

From the first sight, both of Giro Indicator and Revel are quite different to each other and for those who choose the former probably attracted to the design itself because this model is sporty, and looks prominently made for MTB application with an elongated shape compared to how Revel looks which is rounder and more similar to regular cross country type. They equally have a hard shell covering the EPS liner insides which is comfortable enough thanks to the fitting system.

Fashion wise, they are attractive and as you can see both also come with visor installed at the front to keep the eyes from wind or bright sun rays. There are several colors to opt to from the subtle one to those with brighter and easier to notice options such as yellow. There are sizes available from Small to Extra Large for Revel and universal fitting for the other. When it comes to weight, they are not very heavy but not the lightest as well for less than 300 grams in the medium size.

Giro Indicator and Revel Construction

For a bike helmet, the first thing you may want to know is the construction and this is because it relates to the safety of the unit. Similar to many other helmets from Giro, these two are also made using the in-mold construction which is made with a thin piece of plastic placed in a mold to conform the surface and there will be beads of polystyrene added to the mold which is bolted together and then injected with steam under pressure. 

This steam will expand the polystyrene beads and form into the shape of the mold to make a complete helmet. Giro said that this design will allow them to create a lighter helmet, more robust, and help the vents to work properly compared to the more traditional design. 

Giro Indicator and Revel Fitting System

Moving further, just like with any bike helmets there will be a fitting system as well here and Giro usually have a very convenient way to provide the best fit but some of them tend to sit directly below the helmet which makes it a bit difficult to reach when using one hand only. On this side Giro Indicator and Revel are pretty much the same because they are featured with the popular Acu Dial rear retention system as opposed to Roc Loc.

They are very convenient and easy to use while the chin strap is the regular Y strap with a snap lock that works well and secure the helmet on our head while we speed. They are not very comfortable when fitted very tightly and in comparison to more expensive items, there is no cushioning on the strap.

Giro Indicator and Revel Comfort

Moving to the comfort level, Giro Indicator and Revel are very much the same and there are enough padding on the inside to allow a better experience but the lightweight side works best in our opinion to provide comfort. There are plenty of vents and exhaust ports at the back in total of 20 and 22 vents respectively. While they are not expensive, highly cooling helmets, there is no issue about build up heat here and overall you can ride with much comfort especially when considering the price range.

Giro Indicator vs Revel

These helmets are a great choice for budget shoppers and they are working very well. Comfort side they do feels good for prolonged riding activities and the vents are useful as well to help cool the head. The prominent difference is on the design itself because Indicator is sportier and in comparison the visor is a little bit wider to cover the eyes from wind and rays. The cup itself is a bit oval in Indicator while Revel is rounder in comparison.

- Type/Intended use: All-round
- Construction: In-Mould Technology
- Weight: 284g
- Acu Dial System allows fast and simple adaption.
- 22 vents
- Roc Loc Sport fit system
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Snap-ft visor with reinforced anchors


All in all it is great to get the one that fits your taste the most and for those who prefer sporty helmets, Indicator is a great choice but we personally like Revel the most because we love the round shape better and conform to our head shape more comfortably. 

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