Giro Atmos vs Savant 

Safety is a priority including when you are riding a bike because there are chances that we may need extra protection later for we never know what will happen. Bike helmets are the basic safety gear we must wear but in addition they can be beneficial for other things as well. For those who want to reap the extra benefits especially comfort, Giro Atmos Vs Savant will be an amazing options. Go check what they can offer and which helmet will fit your cycling preference below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Bike Helmet Types
  • What are Giro Atmos and Savant
  • What Giro Atmos and Savant Look Like
  • How are the Built and Safety of Giro Atmos and Savant
  • How are the Adjustment System of Giro Atmos and Savant
  • Are Giro Atmos and Savant Comfortable
  • Giro Atmos Vs Savant

Bike Helmets

Cycling is fun, chances are you have done it for years since younger days because almost everyone loves this activity. It is a playful time, relaxing time, recreational time, but also exercise time; all together with this compact and convenient transportation tool. Nowadays, it seems that cycling is more of a hobby that we do for its recreational point except if you are also an enthusiast or professional. Besides the bike itself, what you have to own is a bike helmet because this is a necessary safety gear for basic protection.

Bike helmets are available in various different types depending on what discipline you are currently enjoying but in general they are separated into both road and off-road application which makes the latter will have a higher protective features in general.

  • Road Helmet

This is the most popular and the basic helmet we often see being worn by road riders or just casual commuters because it is the least from the line that we can choose. It doesn’t mean that a road bike helmet is not safe but among others they have the minimum requirement when it comes to safety features and capabilities. They are very affordable, light, and the best quality we often look in one is always their comfort because in most cases we will be wearing them on a longer ride.

Road helmets also cover aero helmets like Giro Aerohead Vs Kask Bambino or those made for racers and on the opposite, this type of helmets can be twice, three, or four times pricier than your regular road helmets. They are designed to improve the air flow and reduce the drag so the racer can pedal faster but since the build has less to no vents, they are not very ideal for prolonged ride for it can increase the heat buildup.

  • Off-Road Helmet

These types of helmets are the best when it comes to protection because of the nature of its application. You can notice they have extra covering especially on the side and the back of the helmet; some still with decent ventilation. They also may appear bulkier and have a sporty look with a heavier weight due to the extra material. Many also have bigger visors in comparison to those we can see on road helmets to offer some covering when you climb yet, many can be removed as well.

For extreme trail and downhill riders, there are full-face helmets to offer the best protection and as the name suggests, this type of helmets are more similar to motorbike helmets due to the full built. They have chin bars, a huge visor, and the heaviest among other types of helmets. They also tend to be warmer due to the lack of vents.

Giro Atmos Giro Savant 
Product Dimensions14 x 9 x 8 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.4 pounds2 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Atmos and Savant

If you are here then it means you are road riding and even when riding on the smooth pavement, the chance of slipping and hitting the road head first will still present in an uncontrolled environment. Some may be hesitant to wear a helmet due to the additional weight or uncomfortable presence but getting used to one is better than not wearing any. Many road bike helmets today are made to enhance comfort and some are even semi-aero to improve your time.

There are tons of bike helmets out there from different manufacturers and even within one brand, there usually various models to offer both in the road and off-road section. Talking about bike helmets in general, Giro is one of the first brands that comes to our mind and this American brand is also one of the best options to shop from. They are very reasonable in price and have different models with different offerings yet, what we love the most from them is their product quality.

For those who are riding on the road and currently in the market for helmets which is not only affordable but also comfortable and may enhance their performance, Giro Atmos and Savant will be two of the most ideal options to consider. Considering the price point, these helmets are clearly not being made as close brothers but their capabilities and designs are pretty much similar to each other. The Atmos is another popular racing helmet from the line but not as highly praised as Aeon yet, it still gets some of the benefits. 

Besides Aeon, Atmos is also easily comparable with other Giro helmets such as Xar and Savant. Savant on the other hand is a budget option and what’s surprising, it also works well which is great and we do think it can be a casual or daily commuting helmet so we don’t need to spend much.

Giro Atmos and Savant Design

In a glance Giro Atmos and Savant may look quite similar but they do have different details when you check them closer especially on the vents arrangement and how they place them including the overall design of the outer shell. However, the inner cap stays the same and similar to what Giro is known for, the fit of these helmets are round with a slight oval shape which is our favorite when it comes to contour, and will fit most head shapes as well.

Another difference is on the tail part of these helmets because it seems that Atmos is more streamlined with an elongated tail compared to the slightly declining shape of Savant. Fashion wise we love how both of them look because they appear nice on top of most cyclists. Holding the helmets on each hand, it feels like they are about the same weight and on scale the medium size are 266 and 264 grams respectively which are very light compared to many similar road bike helmets in the same price range.

Giro Atmos and Savant Built and Safety

As you can guess, almost all road bike helmets or almost all bike helmets are made with the same construction which is an outer polycarbonate shell that encapsulated the EPS foam underneath and this is what Giro Atmos and Savant are made with as well. Durability wise they are equally safe and sturdy but wear tests may not favor these helmets because they leave the lower edge of the foam to be exposed and this is always an issue for durability since it can wear them faster.

Bike helmets usually have additional safety feature like MIPS but here none of them have this common technology, instead Giro Atmos has what they call as Roll Cage internal reinforcement technology which appears like a web, it is light and tough means the reinforcement is going to help the helmet to hold it shape together under impact to prevent it from shattering and giving you those extra protection. It is molded inside the EPS liner so we can’t see it directly.

Giro Atmos and Savant Adjustment

Moving to the adjustment part, Giro Atmos and Savant are equally coming with the popular Roc Loc5 adjustment system which is made through a click wheel and this is also what we like the most from these helmets. The adjustment is easy with the wheel easy to access and it will allow you to tighten the fitting precisely as well as loosening the band. RocLoc5 band can be adjusted into three different positions to make sure the fitting will suit the occipital lobe.

In addition, they also have adjustable chin strap length, fore/aft yoke, retention band circumference, and band height, making them very adjustable to provide a good fit for different types of users but, still not as good as Vertigo from Kask.

Giro Atmos and Savant Comfort

The last point we want to mention is their comfort because they are also very similar here and what we like the most on any road bike is always their ventilation in which Giro Atmos and Savant are surprisingly amazing. They are not as cooling as Octal but they are almost at the same level when it comes to effective ventilation because these helmets are very breezy even in summer and while Atmos is slightly better than Savant, we do think it can be a great alternative without much noticeable difference.

Giro Atmos vs Savant 

Wearing a bike helmet is necessary to protect ourselves while pedaling and Giro Atmos or Savant will be equally good options to consider. Both of them are highly comfortable for the effective ventilation and also durable enough to sustain impact but, Atmos is slightly better in offering the cooling effect while also coming with extra safety features to make sure the helmet will stay in a piece when experiencing impact compared to Savant without any.

- LEFTnotruc(Suggested Use: Road Race, Triathlon, MTB XC Race, Cyclocross, Enthusiast Road, Urban/Commute, Touring,500)
- In-mold Composite Reinforcement
- Roll Cage
- Construction: In-mold - EPS liner, polycarbonate shell
- Roc Loc 5 offers a comfortable fit that cradles your head
- In-mold construction combines polycarbonate outer shell with impact-absorbing foam liner
- Compact, stylish shape
- 25 vents with internal channeling keep your head nice and cool


You can have any of them and still be satisfied with their quality but if you don’t mind the price difference, we do recommend getting Atmos for its additional safety feature and if you will only commute using the helmet, Savant is amazing for the price point.


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