Giro Agilis vs Isode

Bike helmets are necessary for our own safety because they will protect our head from serious impact. Giro, as one of the most popular choices, has lots to choose from such as Giro Agilis Vs Isode that are designed for road cyclists. These helmets are not only safe and durable, but are also comfy and pretty inexpensive too for what they can offer. If you are going to buy one of the two, let’s see below about what you can expect from the two.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How Bike Helmets Work
  • What are Giro Agilis and Isode
  • How are the Design of Giro Agilis and Isode
  • How are the Build Quality of Giro Agilis and Isode
  • How are the Fitting System of Giro Agilis and Isode
  • Are Giro Agilis and Isode Comfortable
  • Giro Agilis Vs Isode

Bike Helmets

There are so many risky activities out there, especially sports because of the nature that our body is moving faster as well as the involving other factors such as the equipment or terrain where you are doing the activity. Including bicycling, while this equipment is much safer than for example a motorbike, it still carries some risks that may happen on the road or on the more extreme terrain. There is always a chance that our body will fall off the bike and hit some hard surface.

This is why we have to wear safety gear and when it comes to bicycles, a helmet is the most important equipment to have. If you can buy the bicycle, we can buy at least a decent helmet as well, moreover considering they are mostly affordable too. The reason why a bike helmet is important is the same as why a seat belt is necessary in the car. They won’t be able to let you go away without a scratch but at least reducing some level of seriousness that may save our life.

Bike helmets in general is made of two construction which is the outer lid and the foam inside. In the past they are probably glued together but the advanced manufacturing now is improving the design to be more durable. The outer lid is usually made of polycarbonate or those like common plastic with smooth surface. This will allow the head to smoothly skid over the road and other hard surfaces for example. It’s hard surface will cover the head from scratch while receiving and reducing some impact.

The inner lid is made of softer foam which is meant to absorb some of the energy transferred by the outer lid when it hits something. This foam is softer so they are prone to chip and breakage when exposed and this is the other role of polycarbonate shells as well. Being in almost direct contact with our skin, there is an internal cage mechanism in bike helmets which mostly work with the fitting system to make sure the helmet can be properly fitted to the head. 

While bike helmets can’t prevent any injuries, with the two layer mechanism the amount of energy transferred won’t be as strong as when the head is directly hitting something. Especially when you are riding on the more extreme terrain with sharp rocks on the path, it can prevent open wounds while some helmets are also featured with a face protector like chin bar in order to cover the face area as well; it is usually heavy and less comfy however.

Giro AgilisGiro Isode
Product Dimensions12 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches14 x 11 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight1 Pounds1.4 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Agilis and Isode

For those who are only riding their bike on the road, the bike helmets made for road application are the most ideal options to consider. There are plenty to choose from based on which seems to fit you the most but usually decent helmets are not expensive and can cost less than $100 while those made for the more serious riding application can cost twice as well. For most of us, almost any road bike helmet will be a good option to consider.

Including those from Giro which are often the go-to for many people. This brand carries some of the most interesting options as well that you may want to have. We like the helmets from this brand because it seems they always have the options for any budget range because not all of us are willing to spend so much just to buy a bike helmet. However, the selection can be a bit confusing as they carry a wide range of choice that oftentimes can be too similar to each other.

If you are only riding the bike on the road and currently looking for bike helmets that not only look good but also comfy to wear, the Giro Agilis and Isode are two impressive options from their road bike helmet line. These helmets are the favorite of many because despite the price point the two are capable of delivering similar experience to those on the more expensive range. However, comparing the cost only, Isode will be the slightly more affordable option between the two.

What makes the experience different between these Giro Agilis and Isode is their level of comfort in which we do think better on Agilis. As a very affordable helmet, Agilis excelled in so many sides that it lands among the best choice in the budget options. However, it doesn’t mean Isode is a bad option since it is not the case at all but if you can add a little bit on the budget, we do recommend getting Agilis instead in order to get the better experience. 

Giro Agilis and Isode Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these helmets are looking like many other alternatives in the market. The shapes are round and slightly oval to match with the head shape but, you can find the Agilis in several sizes including small options in which the Isode is only available in one universal size. Giro’s universal size is usually meant for head circumference from 54-61 cm while the large size of Agilis is from 53-63cm. Fitting matters so before shopping we have to know our correct measurement first.

What sets these helmets apart the most is how they design the ventilation because different arrangement and shape also makes the helmets look different. But, the Giro Agilis and Isode are very similar in terms of shape while Isode is the one looking much simpler here with a rather flat top compared to Agilis. On the weight they are not the heaviest but not light as well with Agilis being slightly heavier than Isode. Read also: Giro Agilis Vs Foray.

Giro Agilis and Isode Build Quality

Now for the most important part let’s see what Giro Agilis and Isode can offer. Starting from the build quality first, the materials used are the same and they are also made of polycarbonate lid combined with foam on the inside. What’s different is when you flip the helmet and see the outer lid because here we see Isode being the less durable one. It doesn’t mean the helmet is less safe but less durable because all of the outer rim is not protected or covered with the shell.

This won’t affect the impact performance but will easily tear down if you are often transporting them or when the foam gets in contact with other hard objects as it is prone to chip and worn out faster in comparison if it were properly covered. As for the additional safety, both of them are featured with integrated MIPS already so the head is protected against rotation impact.

Giro Agilis and Isode Fitting System

Now for the fitting system, usually Giro is using some type of their Roc Loc system but it can be different between Giro Agilis and Isode since the latter is using the Sport variant instead of Roc Loc 5.5. In comparison, the Roc Loc 5.5 is better even compared to many other systems from the company because it has this full adjustable coverage around the headband so we can properly find the correct fitting to the head as we have different head shape and different sizing as well. The overall feeling is comfy without any pressure points for us.

The Isode is actually lighter than Agilis but we are not sure why the helmet feels tighter on the head, probably due to some it’s padding. The fitting system is also a bit tricky for some reasons since it is either too tight or too loose in some experiences.

Giro Agilis and Isode COmfort

Lastly we want to talk about the overall comfort of Giro Agilis and Isode, moreover the two have plenty of air ventilations at 32 and 24 vents respectively. What makes Agilis feels better is not only for the amount of vents and air channels but also because the MIPS which are integrated with these vents in mind so they can work properly without obstruction. In comparison the Agilis is cooler to ride with which makes it a great option as well if you often ride during summer.  

Giro Agilis vs Isode

Both of them are good alternatives if you are going to ride on the road only. The prominent difference is that Agilis is the more comfortable helmet in our opinion because it has the better fitting system and also more cooling than Isode which makes it suitable if you often sweat a lot as well. In addition however, the Isode is lighter yet the feeling of this bike helmet is rather heavy due to the less flexible fitting but for the general application, they are still good options.

- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
- COMFORT: Easily adjust vertical position and tension with the Roc Loc 5.5 fit system
- VENTILATION: 32 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling
- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
- UNIVERSAL FIT SIZING: Get the right fit, straight out of the box
- VENTILATION: 24 vents


Based on the comparison above, we highly recommend choosing Agilis because this bike helmet is more comfortable and while it is also more expensive, the price point is not that much as we also get better build quality as well.

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