Coros Omni vs Linx

Over the previous decades, individuals have been utilizing their old fashioned trusty helmets while biking. In any case, over these most recent couple of years, another innovation of every kind has been springing up like mushrooms all over the place. 

So with each seemingly insignificant detail in our lives being smartened up, why not transform old fashioned protective helmets into smart helmets as well? In all honesty, smart helmets have been here for a long while and you will have a hard time believing the sorts of innovation they have developed into. 

In case you are an avid cyclist or motocross fan or in case you are an ardent innovation geek, or even better, in case you are both of those, you have to jump on to business and check what these smart helmets are about. In such a case that you invest a great deal of long cycling, you would do well to think about one of these brilliant bicycle head protectors like Coros Omni and Coros Linx.

They are equipped for illuminating you, flagging turns, playing music, accepting calls, and in any event, conveying SOS alarms in case of a mishap. Remember, however, that many brilliant models do not have the most recent security framework, known as MIPS and may not be as protected as standard choices. 

These helmets are for cyclists who need an additional degree of safety while in the city. Some brilliant helmets are made of unique defensive material while others offer security lights and sensors. 

In any case, there are keen head protectors that can associate with an application to accumulate information about your speed, pulse, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. So, without further ado, let us see the article down below.


Design and Build 


  • Coros Omni:

Coros original Linx protective helmet joins an air shape with cunning bone-conduction speakers incorporated with the cap ties. Many clients enjoy the idea and prefer this protective helmet. Read also: Bell Super Air R Vs 3R.

Yet, being a truly closed-in structure and really cumbersome, it is not a protective helmet for ordinary use — surely not when the temperature rises. The new Omni is Coros’ subsequent model, and the rakish etched shape with a lot of enormous vents positively looks much more honed than the Linx, as does the finishing with keen designs and a mix of matt toned reds makes it look each inch the premium item. 

Coros Omni Coros Linx
Product Dimensions11 x 6.3 x 7.9 inches12.95 x 6.61 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight2.29 Pounds2.35 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
  • Linx:

Coros Linx finds some kind of harmony with open-ear bone conduction speakers that let you hear music, turn-by-turn headings, web recordings, and your general surroundings. The helmet has a smooth, hustling style look. 

It is light and agreeable to wear for quite a long time. You would never realize it has speakers, Bluetooth, an amplifier, and a battery (which is charged through a concealed Micro-USB port) in its lightweight edge. 




  • Coros Omni:

Coros additionally gives a free application with the Omni which records your rides similarly as Strava or Garmin Connect, taking in a lot of measurements. You can utilize this to log rides, record rides, and even set up voice cautions on distance, directing, and speed. 

You can likewise set up the Omni to convey cautions to your favored number in case of an accident. Through the application, you can likewise control the backlight banks, setting them on or off, or to auto so they turn on if the surrounding light drops. 

  • Linx:

Matching Coros Linx with your telephone is extraordinarily direct. The protective helmet appears under your Bluetooth menu like some other pair of earphones. 

The free Coros’ application, accessible for iOS and Android, furnishes the protective helmet with a completely working GPS tracker, course headings with voice turn-by-turn route, and connection status between your smartphone, helmet, and the bar-mounted remote. The walkie-talkie highlight can be controlled through the application, so you can add riding buddies to the private system.

On the off chance that you utilize the Coros Linx application, you get extra highlights like accident identification and utilization of the included smart distance which permit you to answer calls, alter the volume, and skip music tracks. 




  • Coros Omni:

At the point when the head protector retails, it will cost 199.99 USD, yet you can profit by a scope of discounts: the super early bird cost of 99 USD, the early bird at 129 USD, and afterward 149 USD boundless amounts. The Omni will be accessible in four hues: matt dark, matt red/dark, matt white, and matt blue/white. 


Coros Linx protective helmet costs 180 USD. In case you are searching for another helmet and need to tune in to music and digital broadcasts while you ride, Coros Linx is worth a thought. 

Coros Omni vs Linx

- Premium Polycarbonate shell w/ EPS impact foam provides superior impact protection while minimizing weight (340g)
- Ultimate Safety & Audio - Open ear bone conduction technology delivers rich audio through your cheekbones, providing full outside awareness
- Remain seen at night - Auto LED lights activate based on ambient lighting conditions
- Stay connected while riding – Easily answer incoming calls; play, pause and skip your music w/ the included easy to install handlebar remote
- Open-ear bone conduction audio for precision sound and full environmental and auto awareness
- Performance road cycling helmet with high speed, low drag aerodynamic design and airflow vent cooling
- Smartphone audio capability integration - music, calls, voice navigation and others
- Handlebar mounted smart remote for hands-free audio control for volume, track forward, pause/play, communications


Final Verdict 


Obviously, not every person needs a smart head protector. On the off chance that you could not care less about music or safety highlights, at that point there is little reason to get this protective helmet.

The accident location highlight is conceivably valuable to a few, however, there are likewise free applications that do that and you need to utilize your smartphone regardless. As a protective helmet the Omni is all around formed and has packs of adjustment.

You have to take as much time as is needed to get the strap positioning right in order to benefit from the bone-conduction speakers. In a general sense it is a decent helmet.

However, it would be better if the speakers were reinforced a bit volume-wise for tuning into web recordings, yet for music anyway, it works faultlessly. Meanwhile, in case you are a cyclist who needs to tune in to music without wearing earphones, Coros Linx is worth a look.

The helmet is trendy and agreeable. Music, directions, and digital broadcasts sound great and the battery goes on for a considerable length of time of utilization.

In any case, simply know that sound may not be altogether steady in urban situations relying upon the distance your smartphone is from the protective helmet.

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