Bell Super DH vs 3R

For those who are riding their bike off the road on hills and other extreme terrains, what you will need after the suitable bike itself is the helmet. Riding on such conditions without one is not something wise cyclists will do and if you are also enthusiastic about the next trip, Bell Super DH Vs 3R will be an ideal choice to consider. They are highly rated for comfort but will be very protective as well and before you shop, go check which is the best option here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look For in a Mountain Bike Helmet
  • What are Bell Super DH and 3R
  • What Bell Super DH and 3R Look Like
  • How are the Construction of Bell Super DH and 3R
  • Are Bell Super DH and 3R Comfortable
  • What else Bell Super DH and 3R can offer
  • Bell Super DH Vs 3R

Choosing a Mountain Bike Helmet

Every cyclist understands the importance of a helmet for their ride and it is to prevent any serious head or brain injury for when you accidentally fall or collide in which our head may come in contact with a solid object. Both road cyclists and mountain bikers equally have a chance or risk of any accident during the activity but in comparison, you will most likely slip and have an injury when riding faster or in an extreme terrain which is why those who ride for fun will invest on a good helmet.

But, how about which helmet to buy because you will find lots of them out there and our choice may or may not be the same even though we ride on the same terrain. This is because helmets are highly personal both on the fit and on the look, what other people find great doesn’t guarantee will feel the same on our head and vice versa.

Bike Helmet and Protection

Bike helmet main purpose is to provide protection and we have to wear one with the best protective feature but, in fact all helmets that are legally marketed are required to fulfill the standardization such as CPSC here in the U.S. and CE for those marketed in European countries. Companies don’t claim their products are the safer/safest because they may get sued for it and in general most helmets are made with the same material and technology like bounding polyester and polystyrene foam.

Bike Helmet and Ventilation

Bike helmets are worn for quite an amount of time depending on your riding activity and similar to anything that is worn on our body, comfort will be one of the most important considerations. Ventilation is created to allow air to get through the surface of the head and dry your sweat so we don’t have to worry about a hot head during the ride. Vents tend to get wider on mountain bike helmets to accommodate its low speed application but lesser so it may create noise as you speed on the road.

Bell Super DHBell Super 3R
Product Dimensions15 x 11 x 12 inches14 x 10 x 11 inches
Shipping Weight3.4 pounds2.8 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Bike Helmet and Fitting System

Fitting System will affect the comfort level as well but another substantial effect is it will help the helmet to stay in your head properly while being worn. A good fitting helmet will perform best because it is needed for when impact happens to allow them to be dispersed and absorbed. A loose or too tight fitting will make the helmet can’t deliver its full potential which is why it is advised to get the correct size and use the fitting system for any model.

About Bell Super DH and 3R

If you already have an image on how the helmet should be based on the application and all the necessary factors, now let’s see what the market has to offer because you will find so many of them out there. Bike helmet brands may play an important role in your decision as well especially if you are a fan of certain companies but in most cases, cyclists also pay attention to the design or look because none of us want to end up with a funny appearance.

For those who are riding off the road, a mountain bike helmet is a must and among those brands with a good reputation, Bell is one of the most popular options for this discipline. They have various models to choose from and most of them are loved by cyclists due to the comfort and overall good performance. Their price range is not the cheapest but for a good quality helmets, Bell does improve their products to be better for each release yet, many of their older helmets are still available as well.

Two of their favorite mountain helmets are Bell Super DH and 3R and being marketed in the similar category can make the choice a little bit difficult especially if this is your first time shopping. The former is actually rated better for the DH application and this is the best choice among the two if your riding discipline will require a super protection such as riding down the hill, speeding, and fast pacing along hurdles for its higher chance of causing injuries.

The latter is a bit older in comparison and often said to be the little brother of Super DH but cutting things short, it is not the case and those often or mostly riding down the terrain may want to avoid this model because it is not as properly rated as the former. However, if your application is rather mild and mostly combining climbing with some downhill from time to time, this is a versatile choice to bridge the two. Read also: Bell Super 3R Vs Leatt DBX 3.

Bell Super DH and 3R Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, Bell Super DH and 3R are very similar to each other in a glance because they look like any typical full-face helmets out there but, both of them are convertible to a trail helmet as well when needed because we can detach the chin bar in which you can access the locking mechanism on each side. They however, have different vent arrangement and amount because the latter seems to improve this part over the big brother.

Besides how Super DH is actually bulkier over the 3R, this bike helmet is also heavier in comparison and this is probably due to how the former is rated for both BMX and DH application. These two are quite heavy and even on their trail form, we don’t think longer road riding with them will be a pleasant experience.  The DH rated Super DH is about 477 grams without the chin bar compared 440 grams 3R and they will become 883 and 760 respectively with chin bar attached.

Bell Super DH and 3R Construction

When it comes to construction, all bike helmets are very similar to each other with Bell Super DH and 3R are also the same especially when they come from the same company. Here Bell is using their Fusion In-Mold which differs from the traditional fiberglass or carbon full-face helmet usually used for DH rating models because now they are utilizing the same in-mold construction similar to those road models. The difference is now the helmet is engineered with variable EPS liner.

The foam density is not the same so some are thinner and thicker but this is designed in an attempt to manage the transfer of energies better when the user is having some impacts. The 3R has MIPS but the Super DH has Flex Spherical+MIPS which is designed to enhance the ability of this helmet to address high-speed impacts, low-speed impacts, together with rotational impacts. Bell also claimed that this technology allows them to create better vents for the unit without reducing comprehensive protection.

Bell Super DH and 3R Comfort

As for the fitting system, Bell Super DH and 3R will be the same because you will get Float Fit rear retention system here which is integrated with the MIPS construction inside. They are very easy to use and very comfortable to adjust even when the user is currently wearing gloves. The chin strap is thick and very similar to common strap on most bikes while the lock is your regular snap lock; overall there is no issue about how they fit but those with prominent oval heads may find the shape is not very contouring the head.

Another factor that affects their comfort is the amount of vent because you will get more in Super 3R and this is because there are around twice as many vents opening here compared to DH which probably why the former is more suitable and rated for DH application. Without the chin bar they are amazingly breezy as mountain bike helmets but with the chin bar, air circulation is aid with brow vents on both models yet, 3R is still breezier than DH.

Bell Super DH and 3R Features

The last point is few features in Bell Super DH and 3R because they have some interesting features here one of them being the adjustable visor. Most mountain bike helmets have adjustable visor but these two can be adjusted to a few points until away from your sight as well and both are ideal for goggles wearer. Additionally there is integrated mount here for those who will carry their action camera or illumination like flash light during the adventure.

Bell Super DH vs 3R

Both of them are a great choice for those who are riding off the road but they are also different because as it has been mentioned before, only Super DH is rated for DH application and comparing the two this model is indeed bulkier, heavier, and more ideal for the application. In addition, the DH has a different protective system as well as not as breezy as the Super 3R.

- Shell Material: In-Mold polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: ESP, EPP
- Ventilation: 19 helmet, 2 brow ports, 4 chin-bar vents
- Fit Adjustment: Float Fit DH
- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: 23 helmet vents, 4 brow ports, 6 chin bar vents
- Visor: yes


All in all, it is best to match the helmet with your activity which means if you are a DH rider then the best choice will be Super DH but if you are a little bit both and often ride interchangeably depending on mood, Super 3R will be more comfortable for climbing and less serious ride. 

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